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H&R Block says no refund anticipation loans in 2012


Tax services provider H&R Block said it will not offer refund anticipation loans during the 2012 tax season, but will continue to provide other low-cost financial products.

A refund anticipation loan (RAL) is a short-term loan based on a taxpayer’s anticipated federal tax refund and is a highly profitable business for tax preparers. The loans usually last 7-14 days until taxpayers receive their refunds from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

“Knowing we had a strong 2011 tax season without RALs, our analysis did not present a compelling reason to bring back the product in 2012,” Chief Executive Bill Cobb said in a statement.

H&R Block was unable to offer RALs in 2011 after regulators directed its third-party lending bank to stop funding the product.

The Kansas city, Missouri-based company said it will continue to offer other low-cost financial services such as refund anticipation checks (RACs).

RACs allow taxpayers to deduct the cost of tax preparation from their tax refund.

Source (Reuters)

Tax preparers fret over first U.S. IRS fees, rules

Professional tax preparation software, 1099 printing, w-2 printing

Tax preparers are chewing their pencils as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service gets ready to impose the first comprehensive program of fees and rules on the industry’s 730,000 practitioners.

Some fear the IRS campaign against tax fraud could squeeze out small, independent businesses and allow large competitors such as H&R Block Inc and Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc to capture market share.

The IRS, which plans to finalize the new fees in coming months, recently said it was open to ways to mitigate costs.

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