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Low cost solution for the sole practitioner. Data entry, printing, Collating, and e-filing services for CPA & Tax preparers.  No Tax software for tax preparation or computer required.



The following is a list of services for CPA and tax preparers that are being offered:

This service for CPA and tax preparers has been setup using input sheet based format. For every system listed above I have created input sheets. They are very easy and user friendly input forms designed with you in mind and with over 30 years experience on my part on how to accomplish just that. Most of the tax returns could be created by using the 4 page booklet and a few additional sheets for additional schedules i.e Schedule K-1, 1099-G, etc.

After you fill out input sheets, there are 2 ways of sending them to me. Use a fax machine to fax them or mail them in. Returns will be prepared and printed the day received in most cases.

There are 2 options for getting your finished returns back. They can be emailed as an Adobe® pdf file or mailed to you. When you receive your tax returns all you need to do is add your notes and staple them. If you want my staff to handle all your copying and stapling, we do have collation services available.

After you review tax returns and get your clients approval and signatures for e-file, you will submit the list of taxpayers or corporations that are ready to be e-filed. The list could be faxed or emailed to me as well. Returns will be e-filed the day list is received. Special report is created at time of e-file to show prepares which returns have been accepted or rejected by the IRS or/and state agency. In cases of rejected returns I will deal with the IRS/State processing centers to figure out the reasons for rejections. Problems will be fixed and returns will be e-filed again. You don’t need to waste your valuable time, energy and peace of mind dealing with all this nonsense. 

I promise you an easy and peaceful tax season.

The following year you will receive a PROFORMA of all returns that have been prepared in the prior year. It will contain information from prior year and all you need to do is make entries for the current year next to the entries from prior year.

Fee structure

If you are interested to join my service, please email me for more information.

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